Did you know that garments made of synthetic materials can take up to 200 years to biodegrade?

And do you know that even washing these clothes alone releases millions of tons of microplastics every year?

Also for this reason in Caju’ we prefer and suggest clothing made with raw materials of natural origin, to make our environmental impact as light as possible.

Now try to imagine leaving a t-shirt on the ground in the garden of your home, exposed to the sun and bad weather and in direct contact with the soil.

This experiment was really carried out with one of the organic cotton T-shirts that we sell every day and below you can see the result after 50 days …

practically nothing is left, except the inner label made of recycled polyester. The rest was disintegrated, back into the earth.

Just imagine if all clothing was made of natural materials: recycled cotton, organic cotton, eucalyptus or beech fiber just to name a few, could really make this sector circular and balanced with the environment.

Click here and look what we have achieved with T-shirts like these ones.

A product is biodegradable if it decomposes by at least 90% within 6 months.
A product, on the other hand, is to be considered compostable, i.e. transformable into compost (natural fertilizer), if, not only is it biodegradable, but it is also disintegrating and whose decomposition process takes place within 3 months.
All compostable products are also biodegradable but not all biodegradable products are also compostable.